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    About Us

BWOC are a tailored fuel supplier offering bulk fuel and fuel cards for business

Who we are:

BWOC was founded back in 1982 and to this day retains the same family values it was founded upon. Those of independence and quality of service and as a result of this, we have grown to be one of the UK’s biggest fuel supplier, regularly supplying in excess of 20,000,000 litres a week in bulk fuel.

The company successfully diversified into retail garage supplies and we have become one of the largest independent operators in the country providing fuel cards for business. Added to this, BWOC supplies the majority of independent distributors in the Southwest of the country, which forms the backbone of the home delivery market.

BWOC has spent over 10 years under the wing of Northwest Europe's largest oil trader, Mabanaft. This has allowed us to load fuel out of more than a dozen terminals nationwide, giving us a UK wide coverage.

A word from our Managing Director

"I have been working for BWOC since 2005. It is a great company to work for; enthusiastic and professional staff, all sharing in a family like environment, whilst having the security and backing of a large worldwide organisation. The company has been growing for many years and our diversification and ability to adapt to changing markets has been part of our success.

We are a customer focused business, with our customer base ranging from one-man bands, to large international businesses, but no matter their size, each customer is valued and important to the success of BWOC."

Amy Jones
  Managing Director

Our Core Business Principles

CSR Policy

Our Vision

“To provide our customers with the highest levels of service to support their businesses, whilst showing commitment to our staff by supporting their personal and professional development; ensuring our colleagues have the best tools and knowledge available for the smooth and successful running of our business and of the businesses of our customers.

To become the number one fuel card dealer for our core products, whilst exploring additional streams for bulk delivery and bunker technology, in order to strengthen our nationwide network within the UK.”

At BWOC we believe in family values ensuring our team’s needs are always met and they feel part of our community. That’s why we have a range of core values which we ensure to retain. Below you can learn more about our team ethos.


Healthy Work-Life Balance

Healthy Work-Life Balance – never working on weekends or evenings


Supportive Environment

Supportive Environment – designed to help you achieve your goals


Giving back to our Community

Giving back to our Community – supporting charities and environmental initiatives


Family Feel

Family Feel – you will never be treated just as a ‘number’


Rewarding Talent and Loyalty

Rewarding Talent and Loyalty – we show appreciation for good work and loyalty


Learning and Development

Learning and Development – we offer training and support to enhance your skills