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    Stacey’s 10k Lockdown Run for A Great Cause!

Stacey’s 10k Lockdown Run for A Great Cause!

I joined the local gym a few years ago with one of my close friends, Lydia. We are always in healthy competition with each other and this year we wanted to try something different and challenge ourselves. Neither of us are a big fan of running, nor can either of us run long distances, so it seemed perfect to sign up to run the local Bristol 10k Challenge.

We wanted to run for a good cause but were unsure on which one to choose. The answer came after one afternoon as I was talking to Hannah a colleague at work, when she said how she couldn’t afford speech therapy for her son Max, and said how ‘he would have to wait’, It was perfect! I approached her with my idea first, to make sure she was ok with it and she happily agreed, so we signed up straight away.

The training started and the fundraising began. Our aim was to raise £900 so Max could have a years’ worth of therapy, as the minimum recommended time for any changes was six months, so why not try for a year? My husband and Hannah’s husband joined in too, so with the help of everyone’s work, families and friends we managed to raise a whopping £1700+ for the Russell family!

Hannah’s eight-year-old son Max has autism and is yet to speak, both Hannah and Tom have tried other speech therapy routes but none have been successful. This route is new and is via an app that plays the same video 6 times a day for a week, with a different aim in each video. Maintaining eye contact, listening to instructions and making new signs are just a few of the changes he has made in a just over a month which is a huge change already! Overall, with the money raised they can keep the therapy going just shy of two years.

Sadly, due to COVID-19 the race was unfortunately cancelled due to safety. So, we each completed the 10K in our own time, tracking our routes and working together to finish it. In return we were sent our shiny medals in the post which was fantastic to receive.

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